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Sports Injuries Index

Achilles Injury: Complete Rehabilitation In 4 Steps
Achilles Injury: Meaning of active rehabilitation and detailed strategy involving 4 key stages.

Achilles Tendon Injury - Immediate Treatment and R.I.C.E.R.
Achilles Tendon Injury: Treatment immediately, then after the first 48-72 hours. How to avoid scar tissue.

Achilles Tendonitis - Risk Factors & Prevention
Achilles Tendonitis: Definition then detailed discusssion of the risk factors plus simple precautions for avoiding it.

Aerobic Water Exercises - Practical Application
Aerobic Water Exercises: Learn a variety of exercises to use and the mistakes to avoid.

Ankle Injury: Prevention The First Priority!
Ankle Injury: Strategies for prevention and how to use the R.I.C.E.R. principle to speed recovery.

Ankle Sprains - Causes & Risk Factors
Ankle Sprains: Detailed explanation of the condition plus causes and risk factors outlined.

Aquatic Therapy: Features & Benefits
Aquatic Therapy: Detailed discussion of the features and benefits and how best to employ this therapy.

Bursitis - Definition, Treatment & Prevention
Bursitis - Educate yourself on the causes and treatments, especially how to use ice effectively.

Circuit Training: 4 Types Explained
Circuit Training: Discover why it is so good and identify the 4 main types.

The Cool Down - How It Aids Recovery
Cool down is an essential part of any exercise or sports routine. Learn how to use it to speed recovery.

Elbow Injury - Causes, Symptoms & Prevention
Elbow Injury: Golfers Elbow, Elbow Tendonitis, Elbow Pain - Symptoms, and prevention strategies.

How To Use FITT With An Exercise Program
FITT: Definition and explanation of how to employ it in any exercise program as well as prevent injury.

Groin Injury - Causes & Prevention
Groin Injury: Essential information for athletes. How to identify groin injury and how to avoid it.

Groin Strain - A 5 Phase Management Plan
Groin Strain: Symptoms, prevention and maintenance. A detailed strategy for managing groin pain.

Hamstring Injury - Treatment & Prevention
Hamstring Injury: Learn why they are so common and see how two stretching exercises can do much to prevent it.

Heat Injuries: How To Treat & Avoid Them
Heat Injuries: With simple precautions they can be avoided. Learn the tell-tale signs and how to treat them.

Knee Injury - Treatment and Prevention
Knee Injury: Detailed explanation of how to treat and prevent a knee injury when training for sports.

Lose Weight - Reduce Sports Injuries!
Lose weight - review these 7 tips for weight loss especially for sports participants.

Muscle Cramps - What You Can Do About Them!
Muscle Cramps - Learn what causes them and how to treat and prevent them.

Overtraining - The Answer To The Problem
Overtraining: Learn how to recognize the physical and pschological signs and the solution.

Plyometric Exercises: Cautionary Notes
Plyometric Exercises: Why they are not for everyone and cautions you need to keep in mind before starting.

How To Peform A PNF Stretch
PNF: Warning and precautions plus detailed explanation of how to perform this stretch.

Pronation & Supination - Prevention & Treatment
Pronation & Supination: Definition of terms plus detailed strategies on preventing and treating this condition including practical advice on choosing the correct footwear.

Shin Splints - Definition & Causes
Shin splints - comprehensive discussion including detailed definition and list of common causes.

Shin Splints - Prevention & Treatment
Shin splints - 3 keys to prevention and how to use the R.I.C.E.R. regime for treatment.

Shoulder Injuries - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention
Shoulder injuries: Detailed discussion of the causes, how to recognize them, how to treat and prevent shoulder injuries while engaging in sports activities.

Side Stitches - How To Treat & Prevent Them!
Side Stitches - Learn what causes this annoying and painful condition and how to treat it and prevent it from ruining your performance.

Sports Injuries - How To Drastically Cut Recovery Time
Sports Injuries: Learn how to use the STOP acronym and R.I.C.E.R. procedure to cut recovery time by days and weeks.

Sports Injuries: Article Index
Sports Injuries: This article index brings you the information you need now to prevent and treat sports injuries.

Sports Injury: How To Recover By 110%
Sports Injury: Read this personal experience and day to day account to see how to be even stronger after an injury than before.

Sprained Ankle: Active Rehabilitation
Sprained Ankle: Learn how to rehabilitate an injured ankle and employ 4 key strategies.

Stretching: Cut Sports Injuries By Half!
Stretching: Learn one technique which can cut your chances of sports related injuries by half.

Stretching - Does It Really Work?
Stretching: Cut through the controversy over whether it is scientific or not. Look at these five benefits.

Tennis Elbow - Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment
Tennis Elbow: Understand in detail how this condition occurs and three simple steps you can take to prevent it.

Torn Knee Cartilage - Prevention and Treatment
Prevention & treatment for knee pain, torn knee cartilage and Meniscus tear.

Warm Up - How To Reduce The Risk Of Sports Injury!
Warm Up - Understand why it should be done and 4 key elements to prevent sports injury.

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