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Attention Acid Reflux Suffers!

Looking for a guide to natural methods for acid reflux written in easy to understand language that will provide an effective solution to your acid reflux, heartburn and GERD problems?

You know the feelings! Your esophagus feels like its on fire. You get the bitter taste of stomach acid, and you try to get to sleep propped up uncomfortably on a pile of pillows.

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Acid reflux affects millions of persons worldwide. The common symptoms?

Food coming back into the mouth after you eat.

Lying in bed at night in extreme discomfort because of the burning pain in your chest or esophagus.

Tip #1: Antacid medications may be alright for occasional use, but if used as a matter of routine for acid reflux, they can affect your body's digestive system and make it harder to digest food in the future. Avoid using these routinely and seek a permanent solution.

Tip #2: Leave two or three hours after eating a meal before lying down. If you tend to eat late then a change in daily habits may be necessary. Eat your main meal a few hours before going to bed for the night to allow the body time to digest the food. This simple habit alone can do much to alleviate acid reflux discomfort.

Tip #3: A lifestyle change that may be needed is to stop smoking. Tobacco use can be a contributing factor in the development of acid reflux disease.

Tip #4: Raising the head of the bed can be an easy solution for many individuals affected by acid reflux. This helps prevent stomach acids and juices from backing up into the esophagus.

Tip #5: Seek a remedy from your local physician for acid reflux disease. Prolonged problems can cause damage to the esophagus, and in a few cases this can even lead to cancer. Better to seek prevention before it becomes serious!

Comments on Kathryn Whittaker's guide: "Stop Acid Reflux Now!"

Anna J. said she was tired of sleepless nights and also enduring the pain that came after eating. She had tried many other methods and techniques which hadn't worked andso was quite skeptical abouit this guide. Out of desperation she thought she would try it and was amazed that the suggestions worked immediately.

Carol B. said that this guide is the sort you dream about when you get diagnosed with acid reflux disease. She recommends it because it is written in easy to understand language and it answers all your important questions. She recommends this guide for anyone who wants improved health and also peace of mind.

Mike H. says that this guide is the best resource on acid reflux he has ever seen.

Bob T. says after trying the methods in the book that his acid reflux has disappeared.

Francisco R. couldn't thank Kathryn Whittaker enough as her advice provided the solution to his acid reflux problem.

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